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Installation Tips

1. Installation precautions

2. Mount options

3. Special applications


Special Installations

Outdoor Entertainment

Permanent outdoor flat panel TV mounts

  • Environmentally sealed from dust, humidity, precipitation, temperature
  • Equipped with fans, heaters, air conditioners
  • For use up to -10° to 104° range
  • Mountable to wall, ceiling, floor

Recess Mounting

Cubby holes

  • Build recess deep enough to hold TV and mount
  • Requires ample space behind wall to build into
  • Allow proper ventilation to prolong life of TV
  • TV mfg requires 3”+ all around TV, else powered ventilation required

Custom framing

  • Use furniture-grade framing to encase from TV to wall
  • Mountable to any standard wall
  • Conceals installation for a high-end look

Above a Fireplace

Caution against heat

  • Test ambient temperature with fireplace fully on before attempting to install
  • Operating temperature should be below 100° F
  • Storage temperature could be up to 120° F
  • Allow proper ventilation

Install onto structural surface

  • Watch out for facades
  • Ensure load-bearing surface
  • Use appropriate mount

Additional precautions

  • Protect TV from soot
  • Be careful of heat transference through hardware, brick

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