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DMU50SM Slide-out Wall Mount with Media Player Storage and Access

The DMU50SM flat wall mount is the ideal security enabled mounting solution for digital signage applications. This unparalleled mount allows quick access to media driver storage while providing a built-in lock that keeps the peripherals secured from tampering or theft. Accessing the mounted peripheral is simple with the DMU50SM’s slide-out plate, ensuring the display is undisturbed while media device is installed, maintained or replaced. Designed with an open wall plate, this mounts minimal footprint allows for optimal room to install electrical outlets and route cables. Compatible with a variety of displays up to 705 x 433mm mounting hole pattern it provides the ideal solutions for variety of digital display applications.

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  • DS039 108" Cart / Stand For Sharp 108" LC-108D1U Displays

    Peerless-AV’s cart/stand supports one of the largest flat-panel displays in the World—the Sharp 108" LCD (LC-108D1U). The cart/stand features an ultra-strong tubular frame and provides the flexibility to be used as either a transportable cart or a stationary stand (with Peerless-AV ACC310 leg leveler kit). Its durable ball bearing casters provide smooth rolling motion on level surfaces for simple travel from one location to the next. Openings in the product’s upright support system provide a convenient location for neatly stowing cabling for a clean, organized appearance. The Peerless-AV cart/stand solution provides the ultimate stationary and mobile solution for Sharp’s 108" flat-panel displays.

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  • DS509 Custom Slim Tilt Mount with PC Holder

    Designed to wall mount smaller computers, the DS509 is a low-profile universal solution for digital signage applications. Its bottom disengaging design allows the screen to have a negative tilt that enables quick and easy computer maintenance without having to remove the screen. Engineered for strength, durability and easy installation this mount offers VESA compliance and is compatible with Peerless PLP adapter plate technology to accommodate any flat panel display.

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  • DS-ACC760 The DS-ACC760 Cable Release Kit for Peerless’ Full Service Video Wall Mount (DS-VW760)

    The DS-ACC760 Cable Release Kit for Peerless’ Full Service Video Wall Mount (DS-VW760) enables quick release of displays within a video wall matrix enabling fast and easy maintenance accessibility. Simply replace the original mount release mechanism with this durable cable for displays located within hard to reach locations such as the center of a video wall matrix, or attach to all displays within a recessed video wall. The ACC-DS760 is developed to pair with the DS-VW760 for full service accessibility eliminating the time and expense associated with removing displays.

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  • DSI-SK20/32 Custom Side Gondola Mount for 20" and 32" Screens

    The custom side gondola mount is designed to have very low profile with its sleek design. It attaches to the existing shelf in a retail environment. The mount completely encloses all electrical components and contains built-in cable management for clean, clutter free appearance. Locking tabs inside the mount lock the screen in place for added security and safety. Its hook-on design allows for quick and easy installation.

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  • DST360 Flat/Tilt Universal Wall or Ceiling* Mount with Computer/Media Controller Storage For 26" to 60"(66 to 152 cm) flat-panel displays * Works with any standard EXT, ADD, or ADJ extension columns and ceiling mounts (sold separately)

    The DST360 offers a “single-box” solution to digital signage and public space flat panel installations. This versatile solution enables ceiling or wall mounting, it provides plenty of space for a computer or media box storage and allows access to the media device without having to remove the display. Designed for ease-of-assembly and security this mount incorporates a step-by-step installation instructions and includes security option that ensures the display stays in place. Enhancing effectiveness of the mounted display, this product incorporates a built-in swivel** 360 degrees that positions the display at the perfect angel for optimal effectiveness. **Ceiling mount application

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  • DS-VWC655-3X3 Universal 3x3 Video Wall Cart For 46" to 55" Flat Panel Displays

    The Peerless-AV™ DS-VWC655-3X3 Portable Digital Signage Video Wall Cart provides a free standing portable 3 x 3 video wall solution for any environment. Durable swivel casters provide easy 360° smooth swivel and roll maneuverability. Tool-less 8-point adjustment offers seamless display alignment along with the strength to hold up to 9 displays measuring 46" to 55". In addition, a secure locking mechanism ensures that the displays stay safe while providing the ability to provide perfect viewing positioning. With strong legs paired with horizontal supports, the video wall cart holds a maximum load of 1000lb (454kg).

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  • EWMU Universal Wind Rated Tilt Wall Mount for 32" - 65" Outdoor Flat Panel Displays Weighing up to 200lb

    Peerless’ Wind Rated Outdoor TV Mount is tough enough to handle rough weather, but it’s still remarkably quick to install with its hook-and-hang design. Wind rated up to 110mph, it’s constructed from heavy gage steel, and sealed with corrosion resistant E-Coat. Complete with stainless steel tamper resistant hardware that is Sorted-For-You™ for simplified installation to wood studs, concrete or cinder block. It’s the mount designed to hold an outdoor TV in any environment.

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  • FLD-UNV Flat-Panel TV Base Stand Lock-Down Kit

    The FLD-UNV lock-down kit provides a safe and simple solution for securing flat panel TV base stands in-place. Either one or both brackets can be used to secure a variety of TV manufacturer's base stands. The front square brackets attach to the desktop and serve as an anchor point for the screws attached to the brackets on the bottom of the base. After sliding into place the back brackets can be screwed to the top or side of the desktop surface.

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  • HL4UN-002 Samsung Desktop Security Hardware Kit

    The Peerless Samsung Desktop Security Hardware Kit provides maximum tamper-resistance with two points of security. Sturdy desktop bolts lock down the base stand to the top of the furniture, providing the first line of defense. In addition, the neck security screw ensures the flat panel display remains connected to its stand. Combining both levels of security provide maximum confidence a desktop installation will resist unwanted tampering.

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