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MIS530 Custom Adapter Brackets for the Dukane LB77S Whiteboard

The MIS530 adapter brackets are used for attaching the Dukane LB77S digital whiteboard to the Hitachi A100IWBMOUNT wall mount. Cleats on the bracket allow for precise placement of the whiteboard and the ideal projection distance.

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  • MIS536 Custom White Board Wall Mount

    Model MIS536 Custom White Board Wall Mount is designed to attach to a wall above an existing blackboard and support a Promethean or Hitachi White Board. Hook on attachment allows for ease of installation. Adjustment bracket allows for proper placement of the white board in location to blackboard.

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  • MIS551 Custom Concealed Security Glue Down Plate for Aomni AL321A7

    Concealed security for the Aomni AL321A7 has arrived with the MIS551 Flat Panel Glue Down Plate. The single plate design fastens to the screen’s base and is easily secured to the desktop with 3M VHB tape. Once installed, the slim mount is hidden from view while keeping the TV base secured in place.

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  • MIS575 Custom Expansion Box for the 600i SMART Board Mount

    The MIS575 was designed to give the SMART projector wall arm the extra distance needed when the whiteboard is mounted over the chalk board or similar obstacle. The 2"-3.5" expansion box, allows the projector to get the proper throw distance needed to obtain the perfect image.

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  • MIS576 Custom White Board Wall Mount

    The MIS576 single stud wall mount has been designed for recessed wall applications. The telescoping arm extends out for quick and easy mounting of the TV. A VESA 200x100 and 100x100 dedicated adapter plate and security fasteners are included.

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  • MIS577 Quick Release Flat Panel Lock Down Plate

    Model MIS577 Custom Quick Release Flat Panel Lock Down Plate is designed for 17", 24", or 32" to attach to a wood backer board for store displays. Hook on attachment allows for ease of installation. Mount can be secured with an optional lock screw to prevent removal. Handle included for quick release.

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  • MIS-ACC536 Custom Additional Depth for Whiteboard Mount

    Model MIS-ACC536 (Custom Additional Depth for Whiteboard Mount) is designed to work with MIS536 to provide additional distance off the wall to support a Promethean or Hitachi White Board over a blackboard.

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  • PAG-MU Arakno Geared Micro Projector Mount For Projectors up to 25lb (11.3kg)

    Right out of the box, no other projector mount makes ceiling applications easier than the Arakno Geared Universal Projector Mount from Peerless. Specially designed with superior grip adjustment knobs that put the control of the patented precision gear system in your hands. Just set the mount and forget it. Universal Spider® adapter arms provide maximum compatibility options. Create stunning ceiling applications without the hassle. Please Note: Important Note: All projectors with M8 mounting screws require ACC-M8RI inserts for compatibility with any Peerless-AV projector mount, please refer to the Optional Accessories

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  • NP600CM Custom Ceiling Projector Mount

    The NP600CM ceiling projector mount is designed specifically for the NEC NP400, NP500, NP500W and NP600 projectors. The dedicated adapter plate makes the set-up quick and easy. Cable management through the extension column creates a clean look. All mounting hardware is provided.

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  • PS-1 Flat Panel Tilt and Swivel Wall Mount for 32" to 71" LCD and Plasma Screens

    The Flat Panel Wall Mounts with Tilt and Swivel are perfect anytime side-to-side movement and forward tilt are desired. This mount is ideal for hotels and resorts. The PS-1 accommodates 32"-50" screens, while the PS-2 is designed to support the weight of larger plasma screens in the 42"-71" size range. Designed specifically for use with hotel guest room furniture, these mounts deliver exceptional screen adjustment with a maximum 10° forward, 5° backward, and 15° swivel from left to right—all without the use of a single tool. A manual leveling adjustment keeps the screen level (no tools required.) Theft-resistant security fasteners secure the screen to the mount to keep your equipment safe.

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