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Installer Training Program

Program Goals:

  • Communicate the importance of the correct method for assembly and installation of the Peerless product line
  • To help promote safety in the installation phase
  • To help reduce faulty installations
  • Provide a detailed reference source that addresses the many facets of assembly and safe installation of Peerless products

Installers will learn:

  • The proper installation considerations necessary to achieve a safe and durable installation
  • Technical aspects and considerations relating to fasteners
  • The recommended methods of attachment for various wall and ceiling surfaces

The primary goal of this program is to communicate both the importance of safety during an installation and the ways in which Peerless has designed its mounting systems to provide safety. The course, and the course materials, also serve as a detailed reference source, addressing the many facets of the assembly and installation process.

This course is taught by a trained engineering and design specialist from Peerless. The course materials include:

  • Student Reference Guide
  • Video presentation
  • Hands-on demos of various products
  • Multiple Choice Assessment of the participants retention

After the assessment*, the instructor will review each question in detail to ensure that students acquire a full understanding of the course material.

* Peerless participants with a score of 90% or better will receive a certificate stating that they have successfully completed the Peerless Installation Safety Training Program.


"It was one of the most useful training sessions we’ve ever had,"
Innovative Communications, Inc. of Saginaw, MI

"Knowing the installation was performed by properly trained and certified technicians gives the customer confidence in their contractor."
Brad Kestner, Installation Team Leader Sound Com Corp. of Berea, OH

"Not only did I reaffirm that we were doing things right, I picked up on new methods and products that have proven to be time and money savers!"
Paul J. Shanahan Sport View TV Corp. of Brighton, MI.

“The Peerless Installation Safety Training Program was excellent! The class was a great mix of instructor led interactive discussion, presentations, Q&A with real life examples and hands on with the equipment. It reinforced the fundamentals for my seasoned engineers and brought my less experienced people up to speed with both industry and manufacturer product knowledge. Knowledge is key to delivering outstanding Customer service. Peerless Industries stands behind its partners.”
Brad Ballentine, Interactive Digital Solutions of Noblesville, IN

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