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Recessed Low Voltage Media Plate with Duplex Surge Suppressor


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The Recessed Low Voltage Media Plate with Duplex Surge Suppressor offers the convenience of a duplex receptacle and a recessed plate with enough room to store the low voltage cables behind your flat panel TV. Allows for installation of low voltage component cables such as HDMI or RCA behind your flat panel TV, your amplifier or other audio and video devices. This plate's innovative "mounting wings" eliminate the need for a low voltage mounting bracket. The mounting wings are molded into the recessed media plate and fasten tightly against the back of the drywall. This product is designed to alert you if you ever lose surge protection. The SurgeBloc® Protects connected loads from potentially damaging voltage spikes (surges) caused by lightning strikes near the line, or the switching of inductive loads on the line (motor loads) as well as from RFI (radio frequency interference). The SurgeBloc® alerts you to the failure of the surge protection component by means of an audible signal. If alarm sounds, device has “received” power surges in excess of its capacity and is no longer functioning as a surge protector. To shut off alarm, simply unplug the surge module and replace with a new SurgeBloc® module to restore surge protection. In the event your surge unit alarm sounds, simply remove the replaceable SurgeBloc®. The receptacle still functions as a normal duplex receptacle without surge protection. The Replacement SurgeBloc® module #1209 made by Cooper Wiring Devices can be ordered through your local electrical distributor or contact Cooper Wiring Devices’ Sales Department at 800.441.3177 or 45-31 Court Square, Long Island, NY 11101.


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  • 15 Amp/125 Volt duplex receptacle power source with surge suppressor protection
  • Protects connected loads from damaging voltage spikes
  • Low profile design fits behind the thinnest mounts and TV’s
  • Routes component cables inside the wall
  • No more outside cable covers needed
  • Eliminates the need for low voltage mounting brackets with its wing design
  • Installation template included