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Flat Wall Mounts are designed to create a clean appearance keeping your screen tight against the wall providing the lowest profile mounting solution. Flat style mounts are the most basic solutions for flat panel screens.
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Tilt Wall Mounts provide versatile solutions for close to the wall installation by offering tilt functionality to achieve optimal viewing angle and reduce reflective glare.
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Tilt And Swivel Wall Mounts can be folded flat to the wall but also add an extra degree of flexibility enabling the flat panel screen to extend from the wall and for the screen to pivot and be partially turned left or right to accommodate multiple viewing positions. Some models also allow the screen to be tilted in order to achieve the ideal viewing angle for each viewing position. This style of mount allows clear and direct viewing even when not seated directly in front of the screen.
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Articulating Wall Mounts make it easy to view the display from any angle. In addition to flat on the wall position, the screen can also be pulled away from the wall and be turned all the way to either side or anywhere in between to accommodate all viewing positions from both sides. Some models also include tilt and up and down adjustment for perfect viewing angle and screen position. Various pivot points allow for a multitude of viewing options.
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Stands come in freestanding or bolt-down models. They are available with height and swivel adjustment, and incorporate internal cord management for a clean appearance.
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The In-Wall Mount has the functionality of an Articulating Wall Mount, but also provides a low-profile installation. The screen can either be positioned flat against the wall or be pulled out to take advantage of the articulating arm function. Swivel up to 90° to either side or anywhere in between to accommodate any viewing angle.
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Ceiling Mounts are great alternative when wall mounting is not an option. They include tilt and swivel features that assist in achieving optimal viewing screen position.
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Desktop Mounts are an ideal alternative when a screen needs to be secured on a desk or in an armoire. These mounts enable the TV to swivel 360 degrees with optional restriction at 30,60, and 90 degrees.
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Motorized Mounts provide extension, retraction, swivel and tilt by a simple push of a button.
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Accessories extend beyond the wire and cable management systems that are built-in to select mounts. These accessories conceal exposed cables and cords that may be visible against the wall leading to the power outlet or the cable box. The wire management covers are easy to install and sit less than ? inch form the wall adding to the clean look of the flat panel.
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Outdoor Mounts and Enclosures provide extension, retraction, swivel and tilt by a simple push of a button.
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LCD Mounts provides extension, retraction, swivel and tilt by a simple push of a button.
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